We’ve Grown Again! Meet Hahn, our latest comrade

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We’ve Grown Again! Meet Hahn, our latest comrade

Happy Friday!

We’re excited to introduce you to the latest secret weapon here at Thrive! We recently welcomed Hahn to the Thrive team to help with our web development/programming projects. Not only did we get a great guy, but his dog Pi, which must mean we officially now have a company mascot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Hahn!

Andrew Hahn

Who Is Andrew Hahn?

Andrew Hahn is a husband of two years (eight years unofficially), father of a 5 month old son, and six years a human companion to his faithful dog sidekick.

Where are you originally from? What brought you to Idaho?

Arizona born, but 100% Idaho grown. I’ve often remarked that if I had to move, I wouldn’t even try to find a better house, better neighborhood, or better city than my home.

What piqued your interest in web development & programming initially?

I don’t even recall what initially piqued my interest in computers. My family’s first PC was probably the first on the block and I was very young. The men of the Hahn family are notorious tinkerers, so I’m sure the second the computer was un-boxed I was throwing every switch and pressing every button. This has only escalated to programming. 

Meet Pi!

What do you enjoy most about developing and programming for client projects?

What I find most enthralling about web development are eloquent solutions to problems. If there is a better way to build something, be it a functionally aggressive task made user-friendly or a clever algorithm, I am impelled to find that solution.

What is something unique fact about you that people find interesting?

My wife and I have traveled the world and stayed with “strangers” through the Couchsurfing community. In kind, we have hosted hundreds of amazing people from across the globe. The ability to instantly connect with someone that is of a different place, culture, and language is a testament to our humanity.

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