manhole risers

Not all manhole risers are created equal. When it comes to all applications where manhole risers are needed, Whirylgig manhole riser collar system is designed as a superior choice for all clients. Whirlygig’s website does a great job educating the client on all important product information including Ashland chemical material data sheets, load strength testing information, observations and recommendations, as well as sample spec sheets for their patented collar system.

Made in Nampa, Idaho, Whirlygig has built years of trust as a leader in manhole risers for clients ranging from municipalities, communities, contractors and more. Their intuitive website allows the potential customer to calculate savings based on the number of manholes, times with your hourly cost. This then helps the customer estimate the amount of manhole risers and which sizes are needed.

Explanation of Website Services and Improvements

When Whirlygig hired our team to re-design a website, we not only re-designed a better-looking site, but we also made a ton of advancements to the ordering process. For Whirlygig, because their products are so large in size, they require their orders to be shipped on a semi-truck, which means each order needs to be calculated for the customer.

Per the client’s requests, we built their website so that the ordering process was like a normal e-commerce site, but would submit an order inquiry to the client as a “non-paid” order. At that point, Whirlygig would process payment manually once shipping cost has been calculated.

Their online store acts more as an interactive ordering catalogue, and if they ever decide to take online payments, we’ll easily be able to accommodate that option as well.