WP Bakery vs Elementor – Which Is The Superior Page Builder?

If you’re looking for a WordPress page builder, WP Bakery and Elementor are two of the most popular options, but it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. So, which one is the superior option?

The superior page builder hands down, is Elementor. It offers superior options within its tiered payment plans. While WP Bakery is a great, affordable choice it does not offer the same features. The Elementor team also offers support to all their paid plans, WP Bakery’s support only lasts 6 months.

In this article, we’ll compare WP Bakery and Elementor in terms of features, usability, pricing, and more. Keep reading as we will help you decide which page builder is right for you!

WP Bakery versus Elementor

If you’re looking for a page builder to help you create custom pages and posts on your WordPress website, you have a lot of choices. Both WP Bakery and Elementor are great options for page building in WordPress.

The main difference between WP Bakery and Elementor is that WP Bakery is a WordPress plugin, while Elementor is a WordPress theme. WP Bakery can be used with any WordPress theme, while Elementor must be used with the Elementor theme.

Comparing WP Bakery and Elementor

Both WP Bakery and Elementor are easy to use and have a lot of features. The following is a chart comparing the features WP Bakery and Elementor have to offer:

Category WP Bakery Elementor
Price $56, one-time $49-$199 yearly
Free version Sandbox site to test drive their options Option with limited elements, widgets and features available
User interface Toolbar at top of page with pop ups that need to be moved around as you edit different areas Toolbar at the side of the page that leaves plenty of room for editing
Types of Editing Offers front-end and back-end editing Only allows for front-end, real-time editing


As you can see from this chart, you may opt for WP Bakery over Elementor for a few reasons, but it comes down to available options and ease-of-use and Elementor has WP Bakery beat.

What is WP Bakery?

WP Bakery is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to drag and drop elements into your page. There are a lot of features that WP Bakery offers you when building a webpage.

The following is a list of features that WP Bakery has to offer:

  • Front-end and back-end page builder
  • Compatible with WordPress themes
  • Over fifty content elements
  • Many predefined styles
  • Mobile-friendly designs and capabilities
  • Image filters
  • Adaptable presets
  • Easy content management that takes only minutes

The WP Bakery Page Builder is constantly improving. WP Bakery offers a wide range of features. WP Bakery is a good choice for those who want an easy way to build a website

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows you to drag and drop elements into your page. There are a lot of features that Elementor offers for building a webpage that stands out.

The following is a list of features that Elementor offers with its page builder:

  • Over 300 different design elements and assets
  • Easy to use forms
  • Ability to add animations flawlessly
  • Customize all of your pages for individuality in the shopping experience
  • Add on popups to your pages to increase traffic

Elementor is a great option for those who want to add a lot of customization to their website without having to learn coding. If you are looking for a page builder that offers more features and customization, Elementor is the superior option.


What Is the Cost?

Both page builders cost money. With Elementor there is the option to choose their free version. This is a great choice if you are just starting out with website design and don’t have the budget to spend on a page builder. WP Bakery does not offer a free version, so if you want to use WP Bakery you will need to pay for it.

On one hand, however, WP Bakery does offer a sandbox site where you can test out their page builder before you commit to the larger purchase.

WP Bakery has two different cost plans. The first is the standard $56 plan which covers a single website and includes a lifetime of updates. The other plan WP Bakery offers is $299 and it is designed for a SaaS application.

Elementor has quite a few different options for paying. The following is a cost breakdown of the different plans for Elementor:

  • Free plugin – This includes basic templates and widgets as well as the responsive design and live editor.
  • $49 per year plugin – This level includes access to even more basic and pro elements, templates, and widgets for one pro website activation.
  • $99 per year plugin – This level is the same as the $49 option, however, it covers three pro website activations instead of one.
  • $199 per year plugin – This level is the same as the $49 option, however, it covers 25 pro website activations instead of one.
  • $99 per year Cloud website – This option is unique to all the others because it covers the hosting of your website, in addition, you get access to the page builder, widgets, and special elements.

In terms of cost, Elementor wins out. Elementor offers several different tiers for easy entry for any newcomer. WP Bakery, while it is less expensive, and appears to be a one-time license fee, it doesn’t offer all the perks that Elementor offers.

What are the Major Features?

These page builders both have a lot of similar features. Elementor’s strength lies in its wide range of integrations. It has more than 300 templates and other integrations while WP Bakery only has about 200. This gives Elementor a distinct advantage if you want to use a wide range of design elements on your website.

Both page builders work off a grid system with columns and content boxes. So, the basic setup is the same, but they differ in the types of themes, widgets, and kits they offer.

These page builders can lag if you do not have strong internet service. This is helpful to know if you will be working in a location with spotty internet connection.

Elementor also allows for live changes in real-time so there is no switching back and forth between editing and previewing. WP Bakery does have a front-end and a back-end editor, so you can switch between editing in real-time and coding.