Blogging 101: The SEO benefits of a blog

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Blogging 101: The SEO benefits of a blog

There’s no mystery that blogging is a very powerful marketing tool for your website and online business. Blogging is not a new flavor anymore, but instead a typical practice in performing great SEO technique for webmasters, business owners and anyone else trying to improve their site.

Why is blogging good for SEO?

Google loves websites that are constantly updated with relevant content. The fresher a website’s content is, the more relevant and important it seems in Google’s eyes. (With this being said, Google also looks at many other aspects for SEO, though we’ll only focus on a chunk of this by explaining blogging.) Sites and blogs that have relevant and updated content will do well, however you want to aim to make your blogging topic and content as interesting as possible. Often times we will recommend integrating a blog for our clients who currently have a site and are looking for the next step they can perform in boosting their SEO efforts. We always tell them that as long as you are using the blog and submitting a post on a consistent basis, it will pay off.

Good SEO with any site or Blog does not happen overnight, but instead can take months to even years depending on the industry you’re competing in. This is why patience is a main ingredient in reaching your SEO goals.

So now that you have your blog setup and have gotten familiar with how posts work, now what?

It’s time to utilize some excellent (and free) plugins offered by WordPress in order to help your blog index with Google faster, and stay more connected with your social media accounts, etc.

  1. SEO by Yoast – We’ve used this SEO plugin on most of the blogs we construct for clients. It is very easy to use and walks you through step by step on which meta fields to fill out for each post. Every post on your blog will act as another page on your website, therefore choosing the correct keyword descriptions and titles for each post are very important. This plugin is free and comes with plenty of documentation to get you started.
  2. Social Media Icons
    I won’t highlight just one plugin since there are so many great ones in this category. Eveyr plugin will let you integrate each social media account into one widget which can be placed on your blog. This widget will house the social icons that will link to your Facebook, Twitter pages as well as include any other features you need.

Blogging in 2012 should become part of your regular routine for maximum online exposure of your online business and marketing efforts. You can get up and running for very low costs and the benefits of good SEO are a mile long when it comes to finding potential business.

Until Next Time,

Josh Olswanger
Thrive Web Designs – Your Boise web design team


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