Each Year, we donate 1 free website to a non-profit organization or similar entity that is in need of a professional website presence.

Thrive Web Designs has been running our “Giving Back” campaign since 2012, and to date we’ve worked some great non-profits, organizations and local coalitions.

We carefully choose a recipient based on the following questions:

  • What is the sole purpose of your non-profit organization or similar entity?
  • How long have you been registered as a non-profit organization? During this time, how have you utilized the internet for your organization? Do you have a current website you’ve built? If so, what reasons are you seeking a newly developed site and what improvements to the new site will help your organization more?
  • In which ways has your organization impacted the local community in a positive way?

Creative Good Benefit Auction

We also sponsored and help organize (with BGDG and AIGA) the CREATIVE GOOD Benefit Auction for 4 years in a row. This was a local event where businesses can bid on services from local creative professionals and all proceeds go to a local homeless shelter.

In previous years, we raised over $5000 for the charity while also connecting creatives with businesses. This is a great event to be part of.

Would you like to be considered as a recipient for our annual “Giving Back” campaign?