Thrive Web Designs offers a great website content maintenance package to suite your needs.

This monthly maintenance package covers any edits or revisions that you may need to have performed.

Benefits of our maintenance package include:

  • Unlimited website updates to text, images, links, multimedia, etc. all supplied by the client, updated by Thrive.
  • All updates are guaranteed to be performed within 24-48 hours of receiving your request, though usually same-day. (Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm MST)
  • Any major updates to the structural layout of the website including colors, shape, re-designing, is subject to our hourly rate.
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Do you have questions about our maintenance package?

Give us a call at 208-391-2504, or please fill out the form below:

    Putting Our Clients First Since 2010.

    Why Choose Thrive Web Designs for Website Maintenance?

    In short, you won’t work with a more dedicated, customer service-focused team than Thrive Web Designs of Boise, Idaho. Since 2010, our entire brand has been built solely on delivering the best experience for our clients, and that includes our maintenance updates. We have hundreds of clients nationwide (and worldwide) who rely on our team for ongoing website updates to their website. These updates include adding text, images, new pages, building new functionality and more, all performed by our team of in-house developers.

    Communication  is Key

    Our office keeps normal business hours 5 days a week, and you can always get a hold of us via email or by calling our support/updates line. Most clients will submit website updates via email, and they will include any details needed for us to make the change to their website. We will perform their update, and of course provide follow-up feedback in the form of questions as needed.

    How Do Larger Updates and Requests Work?

    For larger requests that aren’t included in the normal website maintenance package, we will quote our clients separately at our hourly rate. We won’t begin work on any larger updates until we get their 100% approval.

    Larger updates include:

    – Adding more than a few pages at a time that require any type of customizations beyond adding text and images
    – Any major design elements that need to be created, and/or custom functionality add-ons to a page
    – Re-designing a website, or portions of a website including global elements of an entire website.

    Do you have more questions?