Boise SEO – What is Meta Content?

Meta content and tags are the groups of content found in each page of a website’s code. Meta content should not be overlooked, however, it’s also good to note that you shouldn’t overdo it as well.

There are 3 sections of meta tags that are included:

Meta Keywords:

Up until a few years ago, meta keywords were actually important to include in a page’s meta tags. However, the meta keyword tag is now gone and irrelevant. With that being said, it’s still important to know what the tag is/was so you can reference its significance in the past.

Meta Title:

The meta title is an important tag that should include the title of the page, what it’s about, while tastefully incorporating some targeted keywords.

Meta Description:

This tag should include a sentence explaining what the user will find on the page. Think of it as a quick summary to what the page is about, including some keywords strategically placed for an added SEO benefit.

Incorporating meta content correctly into your pages is a very simple and basic form of on-page SEO and no web design professional should be charging you extra for this.

We offer these basic optimization steps with our Basic SEO Package which is included with every new website that we design & develop.

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