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Branding Consistency

Web Design & Development continues to evolve year after year in so many different ways. Improvements are always guided to help make user experience better for whatever the marketing avenue, whether that be print or web.

Our goals as marketers and web professionals has always been to aim high and provide quality sites and products that not only look nice, but create no confusion for the end user when they use them.

Branding Consistency is vital to any successful business. period.

Probably the most important ingredient to any business is branding. Branding stems from the design of the business logo and should be felt on the website, any print marketing, signage, advertising, etc.

Choosing the right combination of colors, typefaces and other graphic elements can really help pin down a desired business goal and marketing message. Consistent branding also includes keeping colors consistent between your logo and website by letting the logo take the lead, and the site pages accompany the logo.

Occasionally we’ll work with a logo that has been created years ago, and often times the logo will play a smaller role into the website’s design for numerous reasons. Some of these include things like: The logo is too bright, too boring, or something that detracts from the feel of the business today. When a clients chooses to keep their older logo, we’ll put more branding emphasis on the site first, then fit the logo in so it doesn’t become too obtrusive. This is a great example of how old branding can still be masked with good design sometimes, but is never something to aim for initially.

In the end, it all starts with a good brand, and if you get that nailed down correctly, everything to follow will fit like a puzzle.

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