Mahogany House Woodworks is a Boise custom furniture builder building beautiful and long-lasting pieces for your home and office. With a history of 15 years building furniture, MHW brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise when building your furniture.  From the initial inquiry stage, to designing your custom piece, they help the process run smooth and ensure you’re 100% happy with the completed project.

Buying from a store vs having your furniture custom-made:

Comparing the difference between buying your furniture from a retailer and buying from a custom woodworking company is fairly easy. Like most things you buy these days at a store, they are mass-produced for efficiency and cost savings for the manufacturer. What happens in return is the customer pays the price due to poor quality.

When hiring a woodworker to make you a custom piece, you have a level of reassurance that not only can you work closely with them on every step of the way, but custom furniture is usually always well-built, if you’re hiring a professional. Better wood cuts, better glues, longer and more tedious assembly time, etc. All these elements help distinguish a store-bought piece of furniture from one made from scratch.

What type of furniture does MHW offer?

Mahogany House Woodworks offers custom furniture for your home and office. They specialize in custom bookshelves, dining tables, entryway tables, coffee tables, kitchen cutting board and butcher blocks, among any and all items in-between. If you’re in the market for a custom piece of furniture, contact MHW.