Depending on the size of the web design business you hire to help with your website, you’ll either fall into 2 categories. 1. Working with 1 person from beginning to end, or 2. Working with someone on the design of your site, and someone on the development portion.

Either way, web designers today need to have an important grasp on web development for many reasons. Below is a brief list of reasons why working with a web designer who understands the world of development is beneficial for everyone involved.

  1. With web design in the modern world, good design is about the end result. The end result is how the design will function, which role it will play for your client’s marketing strategy. Think of the design as the “looks” of your site and the development as the “function” behind every moving part.
  2. Design & Development expectations will be met with no confusion. Often times, if working with a designer who isn’t hand’s on with the development stage, sometimes elements can be designed that won’t translate properly when developed. By understanding both side of the coin, the Client will be satisfied with the end result that started with a design concept and sprouted into a functional developed product.
  3. More Options For Design are available when a designer can understand certain developed elements. Whether it be a jQuery slideshow or complicated gallery, knowing the capabilities of the developer will help the designer provide he/she with the proper design elements in order to carry out the final product.
  4. Usability trumps all. Last but not least, design today is all about usability. So designing for design-sake won’t get you very far, but designing for elements that navigate a client through the site, explain a concept, or help convert a new customer, is how design thoroughly connects to usability.

Until Next Time,
Josh Olswanger
Thrive Web Designs – Your Boise Web Design Team