Factors To Consider When Building An Online Portfolio

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Factors To Consider When Building An Online Portfolio

If you’re a business owner who wants to showcase your work, a portfolio website is one of the best ways to increase visibility and advertise what you offer. Not only does a portfolio website promote your name, brand, and business, it provides potential clients with the ability to see what you’ve done and exactly what you’re capable of. This, in turn, will reinforce what sets you apart from the competition while helping you to attract new clients.

As with any project, however, it’s crucial to prepare a well-developed portfolio in advance. If you have a plethora of work to choose from, it’s important to consider the following factors before you get started.

  1. Think About What You Want To Feature

    While it’s tempting to want to include every project you’ve ever done, this approach can make it hard to find your best work. After all, we’ve all worked on projects that were far from intriguing. You’re the architect of your portfolio. And just like any architect, you need to plan the purpose of each element you focus on.

    When deciding whether or not to include a specific project, you need to think about how it fits into your marketing plan. A portfolio is meant to showcase your best work. Take the time to ask yourself what accomplishments and technical skills a project conveys. If you don’t feel good about it, don’t include it in the work you plan on putting out there.

  2. Use High-Quality Images

    Use high-quality images to show off your work. Poor-quality images diminish the value of your achievements. That’s why it’s important to save high-resolution copies of all your projects. Screenshots should never be used unless they are the only image you have.

    Aside from gathering high-quality images, you’ll want to consider how they will be presented. While there are a million ways to format your portfolio, you’ll want to keep your presentations consistent so that potential clients view them in an aesthetically pleasing way. The devil is in the details so it’s important to work with an affordable web design professional that will focus on all the essential elements of your portfolio.

  3. Organization Is Key

    A well-organized portfolio provides potential clients with a better user experience. Keep things logical and easy to navigate. Projects can be grouped together based on criteria, comparable elements, and coinciding technical skills. Remember, consistency is key when it comes to the projects you decide to feature.

    Additionally, it’s always important to have a variety of different people review your portfolio. Friends, family members, and web design professionals can all help you see things you’ve overlooked and let you know if anything feels out of place.

  4. Explain Each Project

    While a picture can say a thousand words, it’s important to provide a short description of the projects you feature. No matter how big or small a job was, you were the one who was able to find a solution to your client’s needs. Provide your readers with a little backstory without writing an entire essay. Keep it short and simple by explaining your role, what your client needed and how you helped them reach those goals.

  5. Include Client Testimonials

    Client testimonials are a powerful way to enhance your credibility. While it’s easy to proclaim your own skills, potential clients don’t know you personally so it’s important to have others validate your qualifications. People who are grateful for the work you’ve done are usually more than happy to vouch for you professionally.

  6. Keep Your Portfolio Updated

    Once you’ve published your online portfolio, it’s important to keep it updated. While the hard part is now behind you, make sure to add new projects while they are still fresh on your mind. Not only does a portfolio provide potential clients with the ability to view your work, it can also help inspire you. Whenever you feel stuck, take the time to look back at all you’ve done and take pride in the accomplishments you’ve made. Remember, you created all these wonderful things, and you will create even more as you go.


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