Who is Thrive Web Deb Designs?

Thrive is a full service web design firm based in Boise, Idaho that specializes in custom websites and online design/programming solutions for small and medium sized businesses. We strongly believe in the power of community and offer discounts to both nonprofit and educational organizations. For more information about Thrive, visit our About page, our Services page, and our Portfolio.

How long does the web design process take when working with Thrive Web Designs?

Building a website is a process, starting with planning, then moving into design, then programming, and finally testing and launching the site. Throughout the process, we need your input and feedback. With such a process, the time it takes depends on how big and how custom the site is. Generally speaking though, the smaller websites usually take 2-3 weeks but larger custom programming projects can take months to complete. Contact us for a free estimate or more information.

Do you build eCommerce websites? What do you recommend if I only have a few products I want to sell?

Of course! We build eCommerce solutions of all sizes, from quick one-product checkouts to large-scale shopping carts with thousands of products and options. Let us guide you through all the options with our extensive experience and expertise.

Do I own the website after it is built? Or does Thrive Web Designs own the rights?

After your final payment, the website is all yours. We work on a “work for hire” basis so the code and design is yours, with no ongoing licensing or restrictions.

Do you use pre-made templates for your websites?

Usually we custom design and custom build websites for our clients, to fit their unique brand and culture. However, as a lower-cost option, we also build websites using pre-designed WordPress themes, and then update those themes for our client.

What are your rates for a basic website?

A basic website, which includes a custom design and 5-10 static pages, typically costs around $1500. More robust websites and solutions will cost more. Contact us for a free estimate.

When is payment due?

For smaller projects, half down is due at signing and the second half is due before the site is launched. For larger projects, we may split payments up into thirds, fourths, or monthly for ongoing projects.

What is the advantage of hosting with Thrive Web Designs rather than other hosting companies?

By keeping the hosting with Thrive, we manage the hosting for you including the domain name. Also, that’s one less thing you have to remember and one less company you have to pay.

How important is Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” for my website?

There are thousands upon thousands of websites out there making it hard to stand out online, even in a local market. That’s where SEO comes into play – it is absolutely crucial for getting traffic to your website. Let’s have a chat to see how we can help you with this!

I need custom programming or an online application. Do you do this?

Absolutely. We excel and building complex and custom programming solutions, ranging from eCommerce to online forms to membership sites to custom reports, to virtually everything in between. We work primarily with PHP, WordPress, and ColdFusion to deliver these solutions.