Google My Business is Now Google Maps

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Google My Business is Now Google Maps

Were you one of the millions of business owners that went to update your information only to find your Google My Business app is no longer active? You’re definitely not alone! Sure, Google sent a few reminders that this change was coming, but nobody quite knew what to expect until it actually happened!

Google My Business is no longer accessible via the app. It’s instead part of Google Maps. This means all changes to Google My Business accounts, including business information and event updates, must be done in Google Maps.

If you have more questions about the transition from using the Google My Business app to Google Maps, stick around. We have answers! Keep reading for all you need to know about Google My Business, now operating in Google Maps.

What Happened to Google My Business?

Your business information is still exactly where it was before, at least from a potential customer’s standpoint. When someone searches for your business, they’ll still get the same results. But the Google My Business app has been eliminated, so the way you enter information has drastically changed.

The change from Google My Business to Google Maps is part of Google’s master plan to change how business profiles are managed, with the result being an easier user experience overall.

So there’s that! But, in the meantime, keeping up with Google’s constant upgrades might get a bit wild.

Officially, Google My Business is now Google Business Profile. For now, the name change and loss of the GMB app are the only major changes users will encounter. But stay fluid, friends. Google is planning to roll out more changes in the future, so it’s best to pay attention to those pesky emails Google keeps sending.

Accessing Google My Business from a Laptop or Desktop

If you typically adjust your business information or add updates from the Google My Business website, there are no major changes. You will still go to your Google My Business Profile Manager and update your information accordingly.

Google Business Profile will still allow business owners to update the following information from a computer:

  • Add photos or videos
  • Post updates
  • Gather and respond to customer testimonials and reviews
  • Send and receive messages

Updating Google Business Profiles in Google Maps

Unfortunately, those used to using the Google My Business app will have to put in some extra work when it comes to updating information with Google Maps. The process isn’t nearly as straightforward. However, we do have high hopes that as Google continues to make updates to its business tools, this might get easier.

Google My Business updates are now done via Google Maps. If you’re adding new information to your profile with a mobile device, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Maps.
  • Make sure the Google Profile you use to manage your business is logged in. You’ll see the icon in. the top right corner.
  • Search for your business.
  • Click to open your business profile.
  • Scroll down to the “Your business on Google” section.
  • You’ll find options for tasks.
  • To update business information, tap “Edit profile.”
  • You can add updates for events with the menu along the top of the page, with “Updates” located right after “Photos.”
  • The “Photos” option is, of course, where you can upload any images to support your business profile.
  • This is also where you’ll find customer reviews. You can click on them to respond.

Why Can’t I Access My Google Business Profile?

This is a common occurrence for many Google Business users, but thankfully, there’s usually a pretty easy solution just a few clicks away.

You Haven’t Made or Claimed Your Google Business Yet

If you search for your business and there’s no profile associated, you might need to update your information if the option to “Claim This Business” is available, tap and start building your profile.

This can happen if your profile hasn’t been used in a while or if it was never completed. There are always a few glitches to work out with new Google updates.

You’re Not Logged in With the Proper Google Profile

This one might be the most common issue, especially for those of you managing multiple business accounts. But again, simple fix! Just look up in that righthand corner and tap to get all of your profiles to drop down. Then, select the account for the correct profile you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

While the changes in Google’s Business management tools are frustrating, for now, they’ll be more efficient in the long run. But, for the meantime, there are a lot of new processes to learn. And for those of us that have gotten used to the Google My Business app, this is going to be a challenge.

The steps above will help you adjust so you can update your business profiles in Google Maps without spending too much time searching and more time building your business.


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