Duplicate content is a popular topic in the world of SEO. Whether you’re a professional SEO or a business owner learning the ins and out of online marketing, odds are you have heard the words “duplicate content.” But what exactly is it?

Duplicate content is referred to as 2 or more websites having the same exact content. Whether one party or the other took it, Google and other search engines calls this “duplicate content” and both sites that display the content are equally responsible.

How is this fair to the actual author?

It’s not fair. Therefore, just like you wouldn’t copy someone’s book then write your own and use their content, the same rules apply online for 2 specific purposes.

  1. Copyright Infringement

    If you’re not careful, the actual owner of the original website has the right to inflict legal action if its in their best interest. Although this is pretty rare among small businesses, it’s never a good idea to steal other people’s hard work and ideas. If an article that someone wrote inspired you, summarizing their article and even crediting them is a much safer and more ethical approach.

  2. Google

    There has been myths for years that Google will penalize your site and make you vanish from ranking anywhere close to page 1 if you have duplicate content. The truth is, it’s not as severe as to that level, however it’s important to remember that Google is trying to honestly display the most accurate content to users online. Therefore having duplicate content on 2 or more sites confuses them, and they don’t know who to give authority to.

In the long run, play it safe and keep your content original and you’ll be in great shape!

Until Next Time,
Josh Olswanger
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