Keeping Your Website Tuned Up

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Keeping Your Website Tuned Up

Your website is like an old car. After many years, it will/should continue to run fine, but like a car, your website will start showing signs of aging. One thing we highly encourage our clients to do is to keep their site up to date on a monthly, bi-monthly basis. Although design will naturally be something that changes with the time, keeping the components of your site updated will not only help with keeping a good presence with search engines, but as equally as important, showing your customers that you’re keeping your business up to date.

Website Audit

The first thing that may be advised to do is a website audit. This includes thoroughly trolling through your website and making a list of edits and changes that are evident. Most of the time, the majority of changes are related to outdated content and information that may not be relevant anymore.

After going through your site and taking an inventory of the obvious outdated pieces, it may help to hire a professional to advise you on your website and any suggestions that they may be able to throw your way.

The Years of Change

Web design is an industry that continues to evolve and change year after year. Web design is also just the root of web development, as well as related items like SEO (search engine optimization), or the art of getting your website to rank high on Google.

The biggest change that the industry has shifted towards is making sure that your site is easily presentable in all screens and on all devices with the end user putting out as little effort as possible to find what they need.

Modern design focuses on larger, more scalable information and components that are seamless on every screen. Just this year, analytics tell us that up to 45% of internet browsers use their smart-phone to look at websites, and that number is definitely on a continual rise.

So it’s evident, as web designers & developers, our goal is focused on creating the best experiences for all viewers. Contact us for more information regarding your website and for a few suggestions to help things stay updated!

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