If you’re writing a blog post, SEO is critical to keep in mind. It can draw users to your work and get more views than if you were to post without considering SEO techniques at all. The title is one of the most critical parts. How can you craft the perfect blog post title?

We can help you with your title. We’ll go over the formula that can give you the best SEO title tag for your blog. In no time at all, you’ll have a ton of viewers on your page.

The Perfect Formula for a Perfect Blog Title

Four simple steps make up the formula for crafting the perfect blog post title. By keeping these in mind, you can draw the attention of both the search engine and viewers that might want to look at your page.

All of these are vital for SEO. Consider them if you want to make the best title tag you can.

Keep It Short

The first step when attempting to create that perfect title tag is to keep it short. Longer is not better in the case of labeling your post. Anywhere between fifty to sixty characters will serve you well when you post the piece online. Both readers and search engines are drawn to concise titles.

Some examples of great titles include:

“7 Constellations You Can See in the Winter in Alaska”
“How to Fix a Bicycle with a Popped Tire”
“Why Should You Wash Your Hands After Petting a Dog?”

All of these convey the information they need while remaining short and sweet.

Another great reason to keep titles short is that the search engine typically only shows around fifty characters. If you go over sixty, your potential audience might not be able to see what you’re talking about in your post. If they can’t figure that simple fact out, they probably won’t click on your article.

Be Descriptive

Your title tag needs to be as descriptive as possible in the fewest words you can chop it down to in a sentence. Potential readers are searching for an answer to a question. Your title should inform them that you have the answer to that question, and you also have more information they might find useful.

Keep your title tags descriptive by doing the following:

Using descriptors: Words like “best” and “worst” can help the audience understand what they’re about to read.
Being honest: Be honest about what you’ve included inside your work. Don’t lie.
Use your topic: Whatever you’re discussing needs to be in the title. If you’re talking about dogs, dogs should be in the title.

These techniques can help you make your title tags descriptive.

SEO adores titles that are snappy and concise. If you’re making a list, including the number of items you’re going over. If it’s a how-to, make sure you have those words in your title. Be accurate and paint a picture of what will be learned if the reader decides to click.

Add Keywords

Have a keyword? Include it. This action will permit the search engine to lock onto what your article is about and boost it to the top. However, it’s vital to make sure that keywords aren’t crammed into your title. Too many could harm you rather than helping you.

If it seems like a keyword will fit naturally inside a title, don’t hesitate to use it. It will help you if it works. However, if you’re attempting to stuff the title, don’t. There’s no point.

Make It Unique

Making your title stand out can help with SEO. If a reader is looking for an answer, they’ll be drawn to the title that stands out as opposed to one that looks the same as all the others.

For example, you could write:

“12 of the Best Herding Dog Breeds” instead of “Best Sheep Dogs”
“Have a Sore Throat? We Can Help!” instead of “Sore Throat Solutions”

You can take the title and spice it up for SEO help.

It may take a little more effort to make your title stand out, but it’s worth it. Make sure you’re still honest about what comes inside your article.


SEO is a vital part of any article, and the title is the first step with that. With the simple four-step formula we listed above, you can take your title to the next level.

It can take extra work to make your title SEO-friendly, but it will pay off. You’ll get more views on your page as you show that you can answer any question people on the internet may have. For more questions about our web design and SEO services we offer, contact us today!