Whether your business is big or small, your marketing strategy should identify, appeal to, and take advantage of all the behaviors of your target audience. However, every target audience is different. That’s why the most effective marketing strategies will vary from business to business. One thing they have in common, however, is that no matter the audience, people use their online devices to share their offline experiences. That’s why it’s important to effectively integrate your online and offline strategies to effectively market your business with the following professional web design tips.

Bring Offline Opportunities Online

Offline events that support your online marketing strategy can take many forms. These include fundraisers, workshops, open houses, seminars, parties, and more. They often center around networking, launching a new product or service, celebrating an event or helping the community.

Hosting an offline event and announcing it online is a great way to boost your marketing strategy. Even if you post it on your website or send email invitations, you can create an online event through Facebook and other social media platforms and share it with your online audience. Social media platforms are also helpful when it comes to keeping track of everyone who plans on attending.

Using social media, you can also utilize useful marketing strategies by posting pictures, videos, and updates about your event. Once the event is over, you can then use your platform to thank everyone for coming. Even more, if your event is educational, you can record or live stream it to make it available to everyone online.

Bring Offline Promotions Online

Offline promotions are a great way to enhance personal interactions and get people to visit your business. By why limit your in-store promotions? You may want to consider expanding your marketing strategy by sharing your offline promotions online. A good way to do this is to come up with a creative, eye-catching name for your promotion and turn it into a #Hashtag for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Along with an eye-catching image, you can then turn it into a visual post for your promotion.

Another way to bring offline promotions online is to create in-store sale opportunities that can only be retrieved online. For example, when people purchase a product or service from your business in person they receive a coupon or promotional code they can use online.

Bring Offline Products Online

Another way to boost business visibility is through branded products like hats, t-shirts or bags. People walking around with these items are like wandering advertisements for your business. Take this offline strategy online by posting photos of those who wear your branded gear or encourage people to post themselves in order to receive a discount. Even more, if you network with a variety of influencers, you can ask them to share photos of them wearing your gear on their social media platforms.

Other Offline Networking Tips

Ask customers that have had a positive experience with your business to write an online review on Google, Facebook, etc.

Share your own positive experiences with your customers via blog, social media, newsletter, etc.

How to Share Your Online Marketing Efforts Offline

Integrating your online and offline marketing strategies isn’t just about bringing everything you do online. It’s just as important to take your online strategy offline.

Advertise Your Social Media Offline

One of the simplest ways to market your social media offline is to include little reminders for people to follow you online using printed materials like brochures, flyers, business cards, signs, and banners with a call-to-action like “Follow Us!”. You can also advertise your social media offline by announcing social media contests and giveaways using these printed materials. You can then set a date for winners to be announced in-store.

Share Customer Posts/Photos In-Store

Consumer-generated content about your business is great to share offline. Share content you’ve found online on a wall in your store where people can view these consumer connections in person. This is a wonderful way to promote your business by showcasing happy customers. However, it’s important to get permission from your customers before showcasing their pictures.

Network With Local Newspapers & Magazines

Not all customers are online. Even more, people still read newspapers and magazines. That’s why you may want to consider networking with local newspapers and magazines to see if they would be willing to publish one of your blogs as an article or offer to write something they suggest that mentions your business.

Professional Web Design

There are a wide variety of ways for businesses to integrate their online and offline strategies. Keep in mind, it’s important to focus on your intended audience to create an effective marketing campaign that draws and converts customers. At Thrive Web Designs, we can provide you with professional web design and online and offline marketing strategies. For more information on how you can better market your website, contact us at (208) 391-2504