The Power of Landing Pages – Digital Marketing 101

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The Power of Landing Pages – Digital Marketing 101

The landing page is an intimidating piece of the marketing funnel. However, landing pages are a powerful marketing tool when used in the manner intended. Any marketer that is interested in digital marketing 101 has had an influence on the power of landing pages in the economy. Simply put, a company will not have very much success online without landing pages.

Landing pages are one of the most used tools that convert potential customers into paying customers. Landing pages also start and finish the buying process. In addition, the landing page focuses the customer on the direction the marketer intended for them.

A lot goes into a landing page, and creating one is vital for any online presence. Landing pages are how the internet communicates with people. Landing pages address the concerns and potential problems the customer is attempting to solve. An effective landing page has several elements that create the perfect landing page.

What is a Landing Page, and Why Do I Need One?

Landing pages are built for a specific purpose; to further the customer along the sales funnel. The landing page is one of the intermediate steps in the marketing funnel. Landing pages connect the end user of a website with the marketer that is sending the message. Landing pages are a must-have in any marketer’s playbook.

Landing pages are used for many things, not just conversion!

  • Lead capture
  • Conversion
  • Funnel expansion
  • Login Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Content Pages

 A Landing page is a page the customer lands on when they click on a piece of advertising material. For example, campaigns can be retargeting ads or acquisition advertisements. The landing page is the first page the customer sees when interacting with a brand. The first impression, or even the second or third visit along the customer’s journey with a retargeting advertisement offering more information.

Products and service companies use landing pages to guide their customers through various marketing activities. However, the landing page is also used for login screens, quick orders, and even in applications. Landing pages provide directions, map locations, offers, and contact information. Landing pages center the message that a person wants to communicate with the potential customer.

How Important are Landing Pages?

The Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer conducted a survey to show how effective landing pages are. The study found that the more calls to action a page has, the lower the conversion rate on the landing page is. The study further found that mobile versions of landing pages convert higher than desktop-only versions of the same page.

With E-mail being the top medium to reach potential leads, conversion rates on e-mailed landing pages are thirteen percent when analyzed over five traffic sources. Several factors determine the conversion rate of a landing page to take into consideration. First, a business cannot do online without a landing page to guide the customer.

What Makes a Landing Page Convert Higher?

Many elements comprise a good landing page. However, the general rule is that a landing page should have one value proposition, one call to action, and address the concerns of the potential user. People visit the landing page because something in the advertisement could solve their problem. Therefore, make sure the solution promised is what the customer gets when clicking on the link.

Landing pages with these features convert at higher rates than without.

  • Quickly loads
  • Content is Scannable
  • Designed simply
  • Matching the referring source

I Have a website. Isn’t that A Landing Page?

A website is a landing page; however, the website is different from a good-quality landing page. The website or homepage is crowded with most of the information that a general customer wants. A targeted landing page directs the customer to the information they want. Keep the focus on the call to action within the landing page.

Landing pages provide a single focus, with a call to action within the landing page. This method is more message-driven and customer-centric versus a generalized webpage. The landing page is designed to focus the customer on a single action. The homepage is the central hub of everything a company offers its clientele.

Getting Started with Landing Pages

Creating the landing page is going to center around a specific purpose. Therefore, the landing page is less intimidating than it seems. The best way to get started creating a landing page is to narrow down the target market and purpose of the landing page. The rest is centered around how to present the message to the customer.


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