Have you met Jared? Jared does lots of “heavy lifting” for our clients. Maybe not actually lifting heavy stuff, but really complicated back-end code and development. If you need someone to jump in head first and tackle some code, this is your guy.


Who Is Jared Griggs?
Jared Griggs is a cool dude! I like web design and web development. I have a girlfriend named Randi, and a dog named Widget.

Where are you originally from? What brought you to Idaho?
I’m originally from Idaho Falls. So yea, I was already here in Idaho. But I moved to Boise in 2008 in search of the dream.

What peaked your interest in web design and development & programming initially?I’ve always loved problem solving and creating stuff. I tinkered with programming ti-85 calculators around 16 or so years ago and built some websites for fun starting around 12 years ago. I originally started off as a web designer in 2010 where I quickly realized that I need to know how to program the websites I was designing. I already had a background so learning all the ins and outs went pretty quickly. I freelanced up until summer 2010 when I started contacting full time for Aaron, and now Thrive Web Design. The rest is history.

What do you enjoy most about developing and programming for client projects?
I enjoy problem solving and seeing all the little bits and pieces of the moving parts come together and work in the end.

What is one unique fact about you that clients may find interesting?
Umm, I can memorize dates and numbers really well but when it comes to words I have issues.