boise seo companyWe Include In-Depth Analytics With Your Website

Every website we design and develop comes with in-depth analytics to measure your online traffic, conversion rates, among other features. We partner with Google Analytics to provide you with the most up-to-date analytics and data for your site.

We can include a detailed report for your viewing once a week, or once a month, depending on your preference. Google Analytics can be a very powerful tool to measure website growth.

Below are some features that are included with your analytics account:

  1. Advertising ROI

    You can create and track goals for the visitors to accomplish on your site. For instance, you can define a goal as your potential customer reaching the “contact us” page and sending you an email. We can help set this up for you, at no cost. You’ll be able to integrate your account with Google Adsense, also known as Pay-per Click Ads. You’ll also have the ability to track email campaigns, banner ads and much more.

  2. Cross Channel and Multimedia

    Google Analytics includes tracking mobile websites, apps, included on all devices. Internal site search is included and covers how visitors are navigating each page measured by what they are clicking, how many times, etc.

  3. Custom Reporting and Data

    Custom reporting lets you customize the way you view and send your data. Analytics is extremely flexible with changes, which allows each user to view their report as uniquely as the next.

  4. Communication Features

    Communication features include us sending you or anyone else weekly, monthly reports. We can setup re-occuring send dates and adjust as we go.

  5. Data Visualizations

    Google Analytics includes very attractive charts and graphs to make viewing your data easy. Unlike older solutions, Google Analytics makes the measuring of productivity as clear as ever.

  6. Google Integration and Reliability

    Analytics is one of the most stable data environments available. Since it is run by Google’s infrastructure, you can be confident that your data will stay secure and consistent.

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