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Generate more leads by letting potential clients know who you are and why you’re the best real estate agent for them!

As a real estate professional, you know how important appearance is when you’re showing a home to potential buyers. If a property looks damaged or dirty, people tend to turn away. The same is true for a real estate website – if it isn’t easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, it won’t attract potential clients.

If you’re a realtor, a website is crucial to the success of your business. Not only do you need it to present you in the best light possible, but you also need it to reach the right prospects at the right time. That’s why you need a functional website that does everything it possibly can to be more successful.

At Thrive Web Designs, we build the very best websites for realtors in the industry. In fact, we’ve helped to revolutionize the custom design process with innovative search solutions and powerful tools to help you market your business and showcase your listings online. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our 5-star reviews on Google with over 190 testimonials from satisfied customers! If you want substantial results from your real estate website, you’ve come to the right place!

Why A Website Matters

Prospective buyers search for homes on websites that they can easily navigate and find what they need. That’s why the design of your website is so important. By creating an engaging and aesthetically appealing website, you will transform curious buyers into paying customers.

Furthermore, an outdated or hard-to-use website can drastically affect your business. Why? A website is a reflection of your professionalism. If your website isn’t easy to use or overwhelming to look at, people will associate it with your brand. It’s also important to include plenty of information about you, your experience, and listing details that answer any questions potential customers might have.

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What A Real Estate Website Should Do

As a real estate professional, your website should be designed to achieve the following tasks:

Highlight Important Information

A great real estate website should highlight important information that potential clients want to know about you. Even if you have multiple pages on your website, they should be easy to find. For example, you would want a clear menu that people can easily navigate to find dedicated pages highlighting your history, success stories, and other key selling points.

Showcase Featured Properties

Potential clients want to know more about a real estate agent before they make contact. This includes knowing what kind of properties you sell. Real estate websites should be designed with this goal in mind by showcasing featured properties instead of just a flat list. This includes adding photo galleries and virtual tours to each listing. A great design should also provide home buyers with the ability to find exactly what they are looking for using interactive search tools and filters.

Clear Communication

No matter the industry, a website should provide consumers with the ability to communicate clearly with a business. While design is important when it comes to presenting your business in the best light possible, you also want potential buyers to contact you. Your website should make this as easy as possible using click-to-call buttons, information request forms, contact pages, social media links, and more. By offering multiple ways to contact you, you can increase the chances of growing your business.

Brand Reinforcement

As a realtor, your brand is much more than a logo or slogan – it’s the personality of your business. Since a website is a reflection of who you are, it’s important to feature your brand in a way you want potential clients to perceive you. This can range from serious and professional to a more laid-back approach depending on your design, colors, fonts, layout, and navigation.

Recommended Features

A real estate website doesn’t have to look like all the other websites in the industry – no matter what anyone tells you. With a wide variety of recommended features to choose from, we can help you build a customized website for your real estate business that will increase your ROI and future home sales.

  • Featured Listings – Display featured homes from MLS listings.
  • Virtual Tours & Videos – Add virtual tours, videos, and print flyers directly to your website.
  • Relocation Guides – Downloadable guides that feature local area information.
  • Sales Portfolio – Feature your sold properties in a beautiful gallery.
  • Online Scheduling – Allows clients to make an appointment directly from your website.
  • Blog – Maintain a blog with important industry news and market information.
  • Team Page – Display your team, referral sources, and office employees in a nice layout.
  • Mortgage Calculators – Fast and easy mortgage calculator with amortization.

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A Custom Website For Long-Term Success

Showcase your offerings and entice potential customers with interactive listings and professional photo galleries. Whether you work for yourself or a large real estate firm, Thrive Web Designs can create a custom, easy-to-use, eye-catching website that sets you apart from the competition and more importantly, increase business. Every website that we create is designed to reflect your brand and impress your clients. Our expert team of web design professionals will craft a powerful, easy-to-use website that tells your unique story.

Our Process

At Thrive Web Designs, we know that a website is the ultimate marketing tool. From gathering information about your business and goals to launch and presentation, our expert team of professionals will make sure you are 100% satisfied at every checkpoint.

  • Our process usually begins with an in-person meeting or phone call to gather the specs needed to get your project started. During this time, we will ask about your goals, practice, and desired features. This information helps us to develop a wireframe for your new website that showcases your real estate business in a fresh, authentic manner.
  • Once we agree on the site map, we will begin the development process, where we will work with you on any design elements. The length of this design process often varies from project to project, depending on the actual website. Each page of your website will incorporate important content, features, and images that far exceed most marketing standards.
  • Once your website is complete and ready to launch, we will send you a link to review each page and allow you to provide us with any edits or additions. Once you give us the final approval, we will then take your new dental website live!

Thrive Web Designs

Partner with Thrive Web Designs for your real estate website. As a leading web design company, we create websites for realtors that are optimized for search engines, mobile and user friendly, and designed to attract potential home buyers with a wide variety of recommended features. We can also provide you with custom logo design, business cards, flyers/brochures, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, and more!

To find out how we can provide you with a fresh, customized website for your real estate business, contact us today by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 391-2504. You can also check out our online portfolio to see examples of our work and the elements recommended above. We’d love to hear from you and help you create a successful online presence!


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