Often times, clients and us designers alike, think of “branding” as what your logo looks like, which colors represent your business, and of course your website.

As all of the above are definitely accurate pieces as to what makes up your “brand,” I thought I would go a bit deeper as to what we feel really defines your company’s brand as a whole.

When new business owners call us to discuss a new logo and/or website, we always refer to “building their brand,” and although that’s what we’re doing, a true “brand” takes time to develop.

Aside from your logo, website, business cards and letterhead, your brand should represent not only the way you look online and on paper, but should reflect your organization from the inside in.

Your brand is the way you treat your clients, day in and day out.

From phone calls to meetings, to emails and delivering your final product or service, every piece of the pie contributes to the brand that customers will associate you with, whether good or bad.

Your brand is the way you treat your employees and the culture that is built, starting from the top down.

The way you carry yourself around your employees and team is important for moral of your company, as well as for building a culture of trust in the office.

Your brand is the way you handle client interactions, not only during the good, but of times of potential conflict.

Let’s face it, not every customer you work with will be a walk in the park, however you can dictate the way you handle situations, good and bad. Therefore, your actions will lead to outcomes based on your decisions. Choose what’s best for the long-term of both your company and your customer, and always try to see things from your customer’s point of view too.

Your brand should reflect in your online reviews and honest feedback clients are willing to give to the outside marketplace looking to hire you.

In today’s marketplace, what clients and customers say about your brand mean more than anything. A handful of bad reviews is enough to sway customer trust, so always think about the impact you’re making on your client throughout the entire process of working together.

Your brand should be what your business stands for on an economical and social standpoint, as well as your position as an organization of charity and giving back to your community.

Building a brand of community contributions, giving to charity and just doing good at all times is such a great target to aim for. Giving back pays tenfold, not only for your community, but for building a sense of pride that you can provide help where needed.

Your brand is what people will remember and what’s there to set you apart from your competition.

It starts with a potential customer finding your business, researching your company, talking to you, then following through with performing your service or shipping your product. That entire process is what equates to your company brand.

In Conclusion…

We’ve witnessed great brands over the years spend tons of time on aesthetics, but have them drop the ball on the majority of items that are almost more important than your business name, logo or website. Always remember, that what separates a good brand from a great one is the everyday push to keep your reputation at its highest, and keep your customers where they belong, on the very top of your priority list.

Until next time,
Josh Olswanger
Thrive Web Designs – Your Boise Web Design Team since 2010