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With most new trends in the technology world, they start out as just “trends.” When responsive design was invented 4 or so years ago, it was just that. responsive design although a great idea, was still a question mark in many developers heads, and it took a few years to pick up steam and popularity….

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Is Email Spam Getting You Down? Email spam can be a huge nuisance to your website and email inbox. Luckily there are numerous ways to prevent spam from flooding your inbox and causing annoying issues. This post was inspired by an incident that happened a few weeks ago. On our site, our contact form didn’t…

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We are living in such an exciting time for online marketing. With social media at an all-time high in popularity among both business owners and customers, the possibilities for online promotions are endless. It’s important to know how your customers prefer to receive these promotions as well as the best methods to use in order…

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This article is inspired by a recent post on the Business Insider and entrepreneur.com. When a small business ventures out to find new business, one of the first things they usually will do is have a website built. Here is a list of the top 10 things to follow when either building a website yourself, or having…

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