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If you’re writing a blog post, SEO is critical to keep in mind. It can draw users to your work and get more views than if you were to post without considering SEO techniques at all. The title is one of the most critical parts. How can you craft the perfect blog post title? We…

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Designing a website for your company often means looking into which features will make it more functional, where everything will be nested in your navigation, how the site will appear when shared, and a thousand other factors. One of the most overlooked is the color palette of your site, and the psychology behind it. Color…

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No one could have predicted all the past year’s events and how they would impact our daily lives. One of the biggest shifts we had to get used to was working, learning, shopping, and even visiting a doctor online. What does this mean going forward? Well, if you own a business, keeping up with the…

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Whether you’re a home builder, land developer, or real estate agent, community websites make a significant impact when it comes to boosting your reputation and informing potential buyers of what you offer. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following information about creating effective community websites for real estate professionals….

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Often times, clients and us designers alike, think of “branding” as what your logo looks like, which colors represent your business, and of course your website. As all of the above are definitely accurate pieces as to what makes up your “brand,” I thought I would go a bit deeper as to what we feel…

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As our company continues to responsibly grow year over year, its fun to reflect on the past 10 years of growth and compare it to how life was like in 2009 regarding website design, best practices for digital marketing, and growing a web design business from the ground up. Roughly 10 years ago, I was…

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We all know that quality web design and good SEO are important elements when it comes to a website’s success. But how important is content? The answer may surprise you… Since people use the Internet to get information about the products and services they need, content is the single most important thing on your website….

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