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Let’s Build the Best Furniture Store Website For Your Brand! Did you know that 90% of people looking for new furniture will start their search online before visiting a store in person? This means a furniture store website is essential when it comes to the success of your business. However, not everyone has the skills Read More »

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What is WordPress? When it comes to creating websites, WordPress is a powerful starting base, powering nearly 42% of all websites on the internet. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management system), was originally conceived as a blog system that allowed users to easily produce and publish content on the web, but also allows the creation Read More »

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Want to update your current WordPress website with important information about your business?  If you want to make sure your website accurately reflects your offerings at all times, you’ll need to update it periodically. This is true for businesses of all sizes who want to attract and keep their customers informed. At Thrive Web Designs, Read More »

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So you’ve spent hours upon hours researching and writing the perfect article for your website blog. Now that you’ve spent all that time, you’d like to repost that content to another website or to social media. With little additional effort, you can reach new audiences but if you’re not careful, you could actually lose traffic Read More »

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What is CRM software? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it’s software, usually an online service, that allows you to manage your customer contacts so you can easily categorize them, email them, and market to them. It’s a great way to mass-communicate with your customers, promote your business, and manage your customer relationships. Since Read More »

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At Thrive Web Designs, we understand how much time and money goes into building a website. We also understand how important professional web design is to your business and livelihood. That’s why we’d like to talk about WordPress security in today’s post. WordPress is a wonderful platform that is extremely secure straight out of the Read More »

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You may have heard of upcoming GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline that goes into force May 25th, 2018. Basically, if you own a website and some of your visitors are in Europe, you need to be compliant by May 25th or you can face hefty fines! In a nutshell, GDPR is new legislation that Read More »

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At Thrive we update a lot of plugins. A notoriously fickle plugin is the eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce. In a recent seemingly incremental update, the entire shop lost its custom theme templates and were all defaulted to the generic page layout. Did this happen to you? Well, after much searching, the solution was a single line Read More »

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